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Wine Guardian® commercial grade ducted split systems provide superb air distribution and temperature control for optimal conditioning of your valuable wine collection. The extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free system offers maximum flexibility in system location and cellar designs. This makes it ideal for: cellars that have no space to install a self-contained unit; for applications where condenser air is difficult to exhaust; and for longer duct runs.

The Wine Guardian SS050 has a cooling capacity of 3000 cubic feet.

  • Split System Cooling Unit
  • Cooling Capacity of 3000 ft3 (1/2 Ton)
  • Evaporator 17″W x 14″H x 14″D
  • Condenser 19″W x 18″H x 24″D
  • Evaporator 35 lbs
  • Condenser 98 lbs
  • 110v / 20A dedicated circuit breaker required
  • Installation requires a licensed HVAC professional
  • Drain line is required
  • 1 Supply & 1 Return collar included
  • Digital interface
  • Power cord

    Commercial specs at WineGuardian.com

    Condenser is designed for outdoor use and includes a protective cover. Unit includes: low ambient protection, high and low refrigerant pressure switches, refrigerant sight glass, and filter drier.

    Control displays both temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

    Extremely quiet operation

    Commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components and all-aluminum frame for long-term durability

    Multiple supply air opening options for installation flexibility (up to 5 outlets)

    High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork

    Humidity control (option)

    Heater (option)

    Remote interface controller (option)

    Remote sensor (option)

    Certified to Underwriters Laboratory standards

    Built-In Heater
    Integral electric heater coil protects cellar from low temperature conditions. Ideal for areas where ambient temperatures fall below 50°F (10°C).

    Integrated side-mount drip pad humidifier and humidistat.

    Remote Interface Controller
    Monitors and controls temperature and humidity from a remote location. (Hard wired)

    Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    Measures temperature and humidity from a location other than the unit itself. (Hard wired)

    Exhaust Duct Collar
    Molded plastic with 10” diameter collar.

    Combination Duct Collar Kit
    Designed to be used with Wine Guardian grilles for connections at the wine cellar. (Supply and return duct collars are standard.) 1 supply duct outlet collar, 1 return duct inlet collar, 25′ x 10″ insulated flexible duct, 4 tie wraps and fasteners.

    Supply or Return Grille
    10″ x 12″, Black.

    Compressor Extended Warranty
    Extends compressor warranty to a total of 5 years. Only available at time of original purchase.

    Wine Guardian warrants, to the original buyer, its goods and all parts thereof to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of invoicing assuming NORMAL USE AND SERVICE.

    3 year Extended Warranty from the manufacturer extends the coverage on the COMPRESSOR ONLY to a total of 5 years form the original date of purchase. The Wine Guardian “born with” compressor must be returned to Air Innovations as proof of compressor replacement.

    Visit the Wine Guardian Warranty page for complete warranty information.

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    PDF icon Visit the Wine Guardian Installation/Operating Instructions page

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