MAN Systems CW30W

M.A.N. SYSTEMS CW-30W (Capacity 2000ft3)


The M.A.N. Systems®  CW-30W is a completely self-contained water-cooled wine cellar cooling unit. This unit is designed to be placed entirely inside a wine cellar and even in an enclosed space. These units are custom built with each order.

The CW-30W  has a cooling capacity of 2000 cubic feet.

  • Self-Contained Cooling Unit
  • Cooling Capacity of 2000 ft3
  • 17″W x 40″H x 12″D
  • 105 lbs
  • 110V/60Hz dedicated circuit breaker required
  • Special plumbing required
  • A licensed HVAC professional is required
  • Drain line is required
  • Ducting is required
  • Placed entirely inside wine cellar
  • Remote sensor option
  • Digital interface
  • Power cord
  • Unit can be placed into an enclosed space as it does not require ventilation (great for all-cement enclosures)

    Designed for residential and commercial wine cellars

    Easily installed by professional plumber

    The water consumption required when cooling (with a supply of 60°F water) is approximately ¼ gallon (1 L) a minute. For an average cellar, it amounts to the same water usage as flushing your toilet twice

    Refrigerant fittings easily accessible for servicing

    Maintenance free, squirrel cage fan

    Evaporator is an industrial tube with special dip-coating to resist pitting

    Stainless steel thermal expansion valve automatically regulates the refrigerant, while optimizing humidity

    Embossed aluminium casing

    Double walled construction

    Insulation for quiet and efficient operation

    Condensate pump included

    Pressure-activated water valve: water flow is automatically regulated for water conservation

    Condenser is Cupro-nickel coaxial, designed to resist failure from a chlorinated water supply

    Hermetic (vibration isolating) compressor

    High & low pressure safety valve turns off unit if pressure exceeds limits

    Safety high temperature controller switches the unit off if the compressor begins to operate at higher than normal temperatures

    6′ plug in power cord; not hard wired

    R134a – refrigerant

    Remote electronic thermostatic control for accurate temperature control

    Also Equipped with OFF/ON switch (seems obvious, but other manufacturers do not provide this basic control)

    Please contact us to discuss additional options that may be appropriate for your particular situation. Each unit is custom built on order. A Water Line Kit is also available.

    Some online stores work with an average shipping price that is often inflated to cover for errors. After your purchase from Genuwine Cellars Online you will be contacted with an exact shipping quote to complete your order. If you would like the shipping quote in advance please contact us.

    M.A.N. Systems products ship from Canada.

    M.A.N. Systems warrants, to the original buyer, that their equipment is free of manufacturing defects both as to workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the purchase date assuming NORMAL USE AND SERVICE and PROPER INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE.

    Genuwine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, can install each and every element of your custom cellar, including your wine cellar cooling unit. We are a 100% turnkey solution. Call us at 1-866-415-7181 if you need advice or assistance.

    PDF icon M.A.N. Systems Manual

    M.A.N. Systems offers the ONAM line of water-cooled wine cellar cooling units. These cooling units are some of the most technologically advanced on the planet and they are built to last. Instead of relying on a noisy condenser/compressor to exhaust the warm air that is inevitably generated when cooling a wine cellar, these water-cooled units transfer the heat into water, which is then run into the drain. The result is a unit that is ultra-quiet, free from vibration, and able to place nearly anywhere without the worry of proper ventilation.

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