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BREEZAIRE WKE 3000 (Capacity 650ft3)


The Breezaire® WKE  cooling units are compact, self-contained through-the-wall units. The system automatically controls fan speed to reduce energy use and noise while providing optimum cooling under all conditions.

The WKE 3000 has a cooling capacity of 650 cubic feet.

  • Self-Contained / Through-the-Wall Cooling Unit
  • Cooling Capacity of 650 ft3
  • Dimensions 14.25″W x 19.75″H x 21.63″D
  • Weight 76 lbs
  • 110v/60Hz dedicated circuit breaker required
  • No licensed HVAC professional required
  • Drain line is required
  • Max differential between cellar & exhaust room 30°F
  • Max wall thickness of 20″
  • Requires hole in wall same size as unit
  • Cannot vent to outdoors
  • Digital interface
  • Power cord
  • Note: Maximum wall thickness is reduced if optional top venting is used.

    The WKE Features the Sentinel II Microprocessor Control System. A large LCD display with built-in diagnostic routines and trouble codes.

    The Sentinel II can be connected to home alarm systems and the controller can be mounted in a remote location. (Hard wired)

    Standard configuration has the cold air routed out the front of the unit. The end user can configure the cold air to be routed out the top when installing the unit.

    Bottle Probe
    When the bottle probe is plugged into the unit it will override the internal air sensor as monitoring source.

    Top Venting
    All units are manufactured with the Hot Air out the rear as a standard. Hot air exhaust out the top of the unit is a special order option.
    *Add 3-4 weeks to delivery.

    Power Cord Location
    The electric power cord is standard out the front of the unit. Power cord routed out the rear of the unit is a special order option.
    *Add 3-4 weeks to delivery.

    Breezaire provides a basic 5 year parts / 1 year factory labour warranty to the original owner.

    Complete warranty details for your model on the Breezaire Warranty & Manuals page.

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    Breezaire products ship from the U.S.A.

    The installation manual for your unit is available on the Breezaire Warranty & Manuals page.

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