Design Your Cellar

Design your own wine cellar with SketchUp 3D , with pencil, paper & cutouts, or with the expertise of our team in the Design Loft.  

Let us design for you

Genuwine Cellars has been the leader of innovative custom wine cellar design for almost twenty years. The Design Loft is our ultra-specialized unit of professionals dedicated solely to planning, designing and engineering wine cellars. The same designers who are working on state of the art showpieces around the world are available to consult with you on your DIY project.

Pre-made designs

We have provided a sample rooms for you to examine, designed with Elite Kit Rack.  The room presented demonstrates what can be done with our wine racks and the kind of expertise our Design Loft can bring to your project.

Design with sketchUp

SketchUp is a free 3D modelling program that you can use, along with our library of Elite Kit Rack models, to create your own design.

Paper based design

You can design your own wine cellar by printing out our scaled graph paper and modular wine rack component sheets and then cut & paste them into a wine cellar design.  You can create your own parts list from that to order from our online store or you can send it to our Design Loft for further refinement.