SketchUp 3D

Design you cellar with SketchUp

SketchUp is a free 3D modelling program for both PC and MAC. It is touted as “The easiest way to draw in 3D”. Originally from Google the program is now offered for free by Trimble Navigation Limited. If you are familiar with software design programs, or in general are comfortable with complex software or 3D modeling concepts, then this might be the wine cellar design solution for you.

Step 1. Measure your future wine cellar as accurately as possible in all three dimensions and make notes for yourself about anything crucial like doorways, wall sockets, potential need for ventilation or cooling, etc.

Step 2. Download SketchUP | 3D for Everyone

Step 3. Download 3D models of our modular wine racks for you to design with.

Remember that Kit Rack and Elite Kit Rack cannot be combined so we advise that you choose your racking system first and then download the components (from the 3D Warehouse within SketchUp) from the product line you wish to design with.

Now you are ready to go!

Using your measurements you will create yourself a virtual room (or modify the template room in our model library) in SketchUp to match your own situation. Then, you will add wine rack components to that room to design your cellar.

This process is not incredibly difficult but neither is it overly simple. You will need a bit of patience, a fairly good computer and a flair for 3D.

If you are feelings challenged by this and still want to persevere then we can offer you some older tutorial videos we made.

However, if you’d like someone else to do all the 3D pixel pushing for you (with the added benefit of the expertise of our ultra-specialized team) please contact the Design Loft for fast and economical help.

Let us design it for you!