Design Your Cellar

Design your own cellar on paper or with software or have the experts in our Design Loft design one for you.


Paper based design

Design your own wine cellar with our scaled graph paper and modular wine rack component sheets. Rearrange elements to your heart’s content before settling on your final design.

Design with sketchUp

Have a flair for using software to design things? Use this free 3D modeling software and our library of models to virtually build your own cellar.

Pre-made designs

View examples of what can be done with our Kit Rack and Elite Kit Rack modular wine storage systems.

Let us design for you

The Design Loft is our ultra-specialized Professional Design unit dedicated solely to planning, designing and engineering wine cellars. The same designers who are working on state-of-the-art showpieces around the world are available to consult with you on your DIY project.